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Whill Model C

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Whill Model C


Discover a newfound freedom and desire to further explore and engage in the things you love.

Live unpredictably and go where you want with Model C's outdoor versatility, speed, long range and ability to be transported in any car.

From outdoor adventures to indoor activities, the WHILL Model C will complement your every move.


  • Short Wheelbase, Narrow Frame
  • Responsive Controls
  • Tight Turns


  • Up to 4 MPH, 10 Mile Range
  • Superb Stability & Durability
  • 2” Obstacle Clearance


 - Unique omni–wheel system capable of a very tight turn radius.


 - Manoeuvres through tight spaces with a small footprint.


 - Intuitive controls designed and developed with the user in mind.


 - Responsive control systems


Dismantles into 3 easy to lift components that fit neatly into a car boot




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Performance Specifications

Driving Range 10 Miles
Max Speed 4 MPH
Drive System Two Motor Drive System
Inclinecapability 10 Degrees
Controller WHILL Control System
Turning Radius 30"
Obstacle Clearance 2"
Ground Clearance 2.25"
Braking System Electromagnetic
Max Weight Capacity 18 stone (113.5kg)
Item Weight 8.2stone (52kg)
Seat Width 16" seat or 18"
Item Length 38.8"
Front Wheel Diamter 9.8" Omni- wheel
Rear Wheel Diameter 10.5"
Rear Tires Solid Non-Puncture


BUY NOW €4800.00
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