Foldchair D09 Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair for sale by ISB Mobility

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Foldchair D09 Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair

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Foldchair D09 Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair




Foldchair D09 Lightweight folding electric wheelchair with 18 inch seat width, 12.5 inch rear wheels and 120kg max user weight.

The D09 is suited for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to its large 12.5 inch rear wheels.

Fitted with 2 removable 24V 6AH Lithium battery packs which give a maximum range of around 13 miles subject to use.

Perfect for transportation in the boot of your car, or taking on holidays on airplane / cruise ships, trains etc.

The foldachair folds in 5 seconds and is lightweight for lifting into and out of the boot of your car

Gross weight 26.5kg/58.5lb (including batteries)

Net weight 23.5kg (without batteries)   

Choice of 6 frame colours!

The Foldchair D09 model comes with 18 inch seat width, 12.5 inch rear wheels and has max user capacity of 120kg (19 stone).

Suited to outdoor use on gravel and rough terrain.  

The standard 6 cm seat cushion gives a height of 41 cm to the footplate whilst the optional thicker 10 cm cushion increases this height to 45 cm making the chair suitable for taller users.


Key Features

    • Fits easily into the trunk of most vehicles. Folded measurements 77cm long x 60cm wide x 34cm deep
    • Small and portable for all car, train, and airplane travel
    • Airline friendly 24V/12AH (288 Wh) Lithium battery
    • Chargeable on or off board
    • Reliable and precise battery-life indicator
    • Safely supports up to 120kg
    • Lightweight aluminium-alloy frame, only 26.5kg/58.5lb including battery weight
    • 23.5kg/52lb with batteries removed
    • Removable, washable seat cushion and back rest (washable up to 95 degree celsius)
    • Solid front and rear tires - no more punctures
    • Flip-up foot rest
    • Reliable, easy to use 360 degree joystick controller
    • 11.5cm/4.5 inch ground clearance - comparable with the top all-terrain models
    • Two quiet brushless motors for ultimate power
    • Intelligent electromagnetic brake (electronic regenerative disc brake) to ensure passenger safety

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Overall Length 96cm/38 inches
Overall width 58cm/23 inches
Overall height 93cm/37″ inches
Floor to seat height 19.5"
Max user weight 120kg/ 19 stone

8 inch PU solid tire(Front)

12 inch PU solid tire(Back)

Max gradient 12 degrees
Top speed 6km/3.7mph
Mile range (full charge) 21km/13miles
Seat depth 43cm/17 inch
Seat width 45.72cm/ 18 inch
Seat height 46cm/18 inch
Steering 360 degrees joystick controller
Motor 2 x 250W brushless motors
Turning Radius 85cm/33 inch
Battery 2 x Lithium 24V/6AH; 288 wh
Charger 24V/3A
Time required to fully charge battery 6 -8h
Gross weight (including battery) 26.5kg/58.5lb
Net weight (without battery) 23.5kg/52lb
BUY NOW €2150.00
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