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Bluebird Travel Chair

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Bluebird Travel Chair

The Bluebird Travel Chair is a unique folding wheelchair that takes up very little room. The innovative folding mechanism allows the wheelchair to fold in on itself, into a remarkably small easy to lift package.

The Bluebird stands in its own footprint making it ideal for storage indoors and can also lie flat in the car boot allowing room for luggage. It is made from aluminium and weighs just 10kg (22lbs) without the footrest hangers.

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LENGTH (FOLDED)                       14” (36cm)

LENGTH (UNFOLDED)                   39” (99cm)

WIDTH (FOLDED)                         11” (28cm)

WIDTH (UNFOLDED)                     22” (56cm)

HEIGHT (FOLDED)                        31” (79cm)

HEIGHT (UNFOLDED)                    37” (94cm)

NET WEIGHT                               10kgs

CARRY WEIGHT                           120kgs

SEAT SIZE                                  18” (45cm)

WHEEL SIZE & TYRE                     8” TYRE 12” REAR TYRE

TYRE TYPE                                   SOLID TYRE

COLOUR                                      Grey  


BUY NOW €250.00
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