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Archive August 2020

Why Do People Purchase Recliner Chairs

One of the biggest problems faced by older generations is their mobility, or lack-of; the body is frail, and as the years go by it slowly-but-surely declines in condition. Whilst this is perfectly natural, it does make everyday tasks that little bit more difficult. Even the relatively simple acts of sitting down, and getting back up, can cause major issues. It is for this reason that, here at ISB Mobility, we believe that it is extremely important to invest in a recliner chair. If you are unsure as to whether or not this is the right purchase for you, allow us to elaborate a little more. 


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What To Look For When Buying A Wheelchair

It cannot be stressed enough that the process of buying a wheelchair is not one to be rushed. This is a product which will be an integral part of your life, and as such it is wise to take caution in your selection. There is a vast range of wheelchairs on the market, all of which are better suited to specific individuals. This is where the team here at ISB Mobility can offer a valuable service. Having amassed years worth of experience in this industry, we are pleased to be able to provide some guidance on what factors to consider when purchasing. 

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Whilst age brings a lot of positive things, such as wisdom and knowledge, there are certainly negative aspects; not least, your body begins to let you down. This can end up causing issues, especially if you live alone. However, this is not to say that your world is ending - thanks to the fantastic technological developments which have been made in recent years, stairlifts are becoming a more common occurrence in people’s private homes. As one of the most prominent suppliers of stairlifts, the team here at ISB Mobility are pleased to offer some insight as to why you should invest. 

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What Mobility Aid is Best for you?

Within Ireland, there are a great number of people who struggle to get around without the assistance of a mobility aid. In recent years, the market for these types of products has become saturated; this has subsequently meant that people have been left unsure of what product is better suited to them. Here at ISB Mobility, we are proud of the extensive knowledge that we have amassed in this industry. Should you be interested in learning a little more about the most prominent devices out there, we invite you to continue reading below. 

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Mobility Accessories You Need in Your Life

For anyone that uses disability equipment on a regular basis, such as mobility scooters and walking sticks, we are pleased to inform you that there are a variety of items that can make your experience with them a little bit easier. Here at ISB Mobility, we have been active within the mobility industry for many years; as such, we are well-versed in which accessories are a must-have. To find out more, all you need to do is continue reading.

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Analysing Different Types of Walking Aids

The market of mobility aids is currently saturated; everywhere you look, there are different accessories to aid with movement. It can therefore be quite difficult for some people to establish what type of equipment best suits them. For those that are unaware, the team here at ISB Mobility have built a wealth of experience within the mobility industry. This means that we are familiar with the most prominent types of walking aids on the market. If you would like to utilise our expert advice, and establish whether you would be better off with a mobility scooter or a height-adjustable walking frame, all you need to know is listed below.

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Why ISB Mobility Is The Best Company For You

When it comes to companies which offer mobility aids in Ireland, the truth of the matter is that the market is saturated - there are countless firms which believe that they deserve the lion’s share of customers. However, here at ISB Mobility, we have but one goal; to offer top-tier products to our clients, at prices which, whilst competitive, are affordable to the masses. If you would like to continue your education as to why we are the company in prime position to offer you assistance, we ask that you continue your reading below.

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Unfortunately, getting older is a natural part of life - there is nothing that can be done about this. With age, comes an almost-guaranteed loss of mobility, due to a combination of fading muscles and other medical factors. You may begin to find that during each journey on the stairs, you are forced to pause for a moment to catch your breath. Even though you look to stay in peak physical shape, it is important that you look to the future - a stairlift can act as a long-term investment from which you can reap rewards from for countless years. 

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For many people, strolling around town and navigating their home are just daily chores which require little effort; unfortunately for some individuals, these tasks are impossible without utilising accessories and equipment. The need for mobility aids in Kildare, as well as across the country, have soared in recent years. Thankfully, this is an industry which has spent large periods of time in developing innovative ways in which to help those who struggle with mobility. For a more detailed breakdown of the more prominent units currently on the market, feel free to read the thoughts of ISB Mobility below. 


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