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Archive July 2020

Why Installing A Wet Room Is A Good Idea

The life of someone that faces issues with their mobility can be a challenging one. What appears to be mundane tasks to some, such as going to the toilet or washing themselves, can provide a real dilemma for others. It is for this reason that many disabled people are opting to convert their ordinary bathrooms into wet rooms. For many years, the team here at ISB Mobility have been completing these conversions, and we are pleased to explain why we think they are an excellent choice. 


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What Type Of Mobility Scooter Do You Need?

If someone were to ask you what you believed would be the best product to assist those who have limited mobility, it is likely that the majority answer would be that of the mobility scooter. In the modern era, their power means that they are able to go distances previously thought unfathomable. As a company that offers a range of mobility scooters, here at ISB Mobility, we are happy to provide a breakdown of some of the major players in the field. 


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In the modern world, there is a multitude of options open to those who are suffer from limited mobility. The advances that have been made in the technological sector has led to a number of disabled people opting for mobility scooters, and other battery-powered units. However, there is still a place for a more classic option. As advocates of this point, the team here at ISB Mobility

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